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    Your M&A strategy starts here


    Your M&A strategy starts here

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Small to medium-sized enterprises around the world tend to rely on external consultants to expand their businesses and assist them in enhancing and improving their business models. SMEs that are more likely to seek external advisory usually include those with high growth rates or prominent growth potential; those with high indebtedness levels or seeking funding; and larger and younger SMEs.

Plan your next acquisition

The acquisition of other businesses, units, products or departments open up a range of opportunities for small and medium-sized companies. Our team’s primary target is to help clients to grow their businesses by identifying potential takeover targets, plan and prepare for a bid, move or offer, and utilizing our full firm’s potential to make sure SME clients do not miss out on new opportunities.


As we are the first to realize that the financial purchasing power of most SMEs may be modest, our team is highly trained and experienced in getting the most out of the investment volume you have. More and more investors look at a small or medium-sized company’s long-term potential, before making an investment as they see it as an intelligent way to diversify their portfolio in the long run.such as security, cleaning, staff, and on-site food and beverage options. Financial considerations involving taxation, regulatory issues, and maintenance costs will also be considered. Using our extensive databases, we present our clients with a feasible, targeted project.

Cross-border approach

If prepared and scrutinized intelligently, a sophisticated M&A strategy can act as a conduit to growth routes for SMEs. It requires strategic thinking, and a willingness to head outside of the company’s regular operating space, into new geographies, sectors, or markets. Global demand could push a relatively small company to greater heights, Any SME must think strategically about how to position its business to make the most of the opportunities that Rodschinson could help you to get on offer.

Global Demand

The global demand from private equity firms and growth equity investors, as well as trade buyers, for well-run companies, demonstrates that a well-financed acquisition is a proven path to success. Our team is the first to recognise that effective pre-sale preparation and a robust takeover strategy are crucial.

Practical Solutions

Our vast M&A portfolio comprises engagements with smaller businesses, medium-sized investors and other SMEs around the world, with buy and takeover strategies that are based on workable, practical solutions.

Timing is key

SME owners and managers should consider when the time is right to acquire a foothold in another business or maybe even a rival. One may strike too early and pay too much or missing out on opportunities when waiting too long. Our team’s vast experience has taught us when the timing is right because proper timing is key to any successful takeover.

Our sector knowledge

Since no small business is the same, it is vital that your advisors have a proper understanding of how your industry or sector works, with key questions being which operational aspects need to be taken into consideration and what a growth model requires, particularly in the medium and long term. Our team has not just years of experience advising clients on these important decisions, but they can also tell you why and how SMEs should set out their next acquisition.

Rules and regulation

Increasingly small-and-medium-sized enterprises are subject to red tape and regulation: there is simply no escaping. Particularly policies aimed at the environment and climate change, as well as tax, level playing field, product standards, and health & safety, are increasingly a burden on SMEs, not to mention privacy and data protection.

Vast range of in-house services

The ROD SME team offers a wide-ranging array of services designed to help SMEs reach their full potential, including strategic business planning, corporate finance advisory, business development, market development, wealth creation and preservation, operational management, project development, financing solutions and human resources among others. In a nutshell, our team offers SMEs services in financial, strategic and technical areas while identifying their personal goals and objectives.

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Since the SME space is one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within commercial real estate, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers, and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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