• The vital role of SME

    acquisitions as a growth strategy

  • proven in-depth expertise

    we help our SME clients to grow their businesses

  • proven in-depth expertise

    we help our SME clients to grow their businesses


At Rodschinson we understand the vital role that smaller and medium-sized businesses play and through a range of services we help our SME clients to grow and evolve their businesses. Our global team of experts works alongside our wide range of SME clients to help them develop their businesses through acquisitions, grow and succeed and eventually become a major player in their local markets and regional economies. Rodschinson Investment has a well-established track record in helping small and medium businesses around the globe increase their influence; and in transforming the lives and productivity of their employees, their families and their societies.

We are simplifying this complex sector and delivering tangible results for our clients

stay up to date with the latest market trends

In order to support our SME clients around the world, making sure they continue to stand out in a world where globalization, high competitiveness and rapid advancements in technology and communication keep transforming local markets, our specialists stay up to date with the latest market trends, market-leading analysis and sophisticated technical solutions. We stay up to date to stay ahead of the curve.

Our wide-ranging array of services

Our global team offers a wide-ranging array of services designed to help SMEs reach their full potential, including strategic business planning, corporate finance advisory, business development, market development, wealth creation and preservation, operational management, project development, financing solutions and human resources among others. In a nutshell, our team offers SMEs services in financial, strategic and technical areas while identifying their personal goals and objectives.

World-class quality, customized insights

Our team, like no other, identifies and recognizes the unique profile of each client so we can deliver world-class quality, customized insights and advanced, tailored solutions that create more prosperous and long-lasting enterprises. We dare to assure all of our clients that partnering with Rodschinson Investment means that we offer them a rich cross-functional team of specialists who are equipped with the know-how and outstanding assistance.

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If you are thinking of rolling out an SME project or taking part in an SME investment, please do get in touch.

Our team will be delighted to tell you more about the different stages in this investment cycle, and how to plan and coordinate any such project accordingly. Based on dozens of practical examples and client cases, we can demonstrate our vast market experience and expertise.

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